Sunday, November 14, 2010

Teacher Survey

I am working on my survey for the teachers.  If anyone out there is reading, can you look at it and tell me what you think?  Is it too long?  Does it go along with my plan or am I way over-thinking it?

Teacher Motivation Survey

1.  How do you go about motivating your students? Circle all that apply

VERBAL PRAISE                         PUNISHMENT                                     ENCOURAGEMENT




2.  Do your students talk to you about issues in their lives outside of school? YES            NO

3.  Overall, would you consider your students to be motivated to achieve? YES            NO

4.  Do your students motivate each other to do well in school? YES            NO

5.  Do your students encourage each other in the classroom?            YES            NO

6.  In general, what motivates your students the most in school? _____________ ______________________________________________________________

 7.  Overall, do your students expect to do well in school?            YES            NO

8.  To what degree do you believe that your students can do anything they wanted or they tried hard enough?

STRONGLY            SOMEWHAT            DO NOT BELIEVE            BELIEVE            BELIEVE

9.  Do your students believe that they could do anything they wanted if they tried hard enough?

STRONGLY            SOMEWHAT            DO NOT BELIEVE            BELIEVE            BELIEVE

10.  Please list some things that you do in class to make it interesting for your students.

11. Are some of your students more or less motivated than others? Why?

12. Do you motivate different students differently?
􏰶How do you determine what will motivate a specific student?

15.  Do you think that connecting lessons to the real world motivates students?

***Please answer the following questions with a number 1-5, according to this rubric:

1 2 3            4 5 Not at All    Very Little            Somewhat                        Frequently                Almost    Always

16. How important is it to you that your students succeed? ____

17. How important is it to your students that they succeed? ____

18. How much do you think you, as a teacher motivate your students to succeed? ___

19. How much effort are you able to put into motivating your students to do their best in
school? ____

20. How often do you encourage your students to do their best in school? _____

21. How often do you give your students positive, affirming statements? _____

22.  Which types of teaching activities do you do the most in your classroom? (Mark all that apply)  

          Teacher lectures
          Doing a project
          Taking notes
          Writing about a subject
          Doing a hands on activity
          Participating in a debate
         Reading the text book and answering questions
         Working cooperatively in a group
         Working cooperatively with a
         Working on the computer
       Other (please specify)                                                                                                           

Below please write any additional comments you may have about your role as in teacher in motivating your students.

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