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Technology Action Plan

Needs Assessment
The areas of concern identified from the STaR Chart data were in Educator Preparation and Development and Teaching and Learning. The teacher responses indicated that they participate in minimal amounts of technology professional development each year, demonstrate only two to three of the SBEC Technology Applications Standards, use technology for content area instruction only and have not had the opportunity to participate in web-based or online learning. In reference to Teaching and Learning, instruction is teacher-directed, students use technology on an individual basis to access electronic information and there is a minimal use of technology in foundation TEKS.  In addition, Campus Improvement Plan was analyzed paying special attention to the areas relating to technology and technology integration. One of the target areas is expanding the use of technology through the Vision 2020 and Connections grants.

Professional Development Action Plan

Tasks/ Action Steps





Survey teacher technology professional development needs and desired training areas.
Grant Coordinator Ashley Chandler
Survey Monkey
Conference period

End of March
Analyze and organize data to find out teacher technology training needs.
Provide training in Technology Application TEKS based on STaR Chart and survey results
Ashley Chandler
Grant Coordinator Campus Principal
STaR Chart Areas of weakness
Technology Application TEKS
PowerPoint Presentation of TEKS
Beginning of April 2011
Survey Teachers new understanding of TEKS

Provide DMAC training and how to analyze the information it provides to all core area teachers
Ashley Chandler
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Campus Principal
DMAC instructions
Example student data with demonstration of how to use it to make decisions
May 2011
Each core teacher must submit a plan of how they will use the data provided by DMAC to improve their instruction
Create a blog in which teachers can share resources to help improve students’ online learning.
Ashley Chandler
Throughout the year
Ask teachers to submit one resource each 3 weeks

Survey teachers to determine whether or not the resources provided have been useful
Provide ongoing professional development that addresses iWork, iPhoto, iMovie and other Apple Applications to enhance technology use in the classroom
Grant Coordinator

Technology Integration Specialists
Information needed to assist teachers integrate technology
Throughout the year
Progress can be seen through observations of classroom technology integration.  In addition, each teacher will be required to create and share at least one technology enriched project based lesson every three weeks.
Provide opportunities for teachers to observe each other using technology in the classroom. 
Campus Principal
Grant Coordinator
Model Teachers
Time during conference or provide sub to cover when teachers are observing others
Throughout the year
Teachers will submit a reflection of what they learned to the resource blog.
Create and implement a teacher peer mentor/tutoring program that will allow technology proficient teachers to mentor teachers who are less proficient.
Ashley Chandler
Grant Coordinator
Campus Principal
Allow time for mentor and mentee to meet
Throughout the year
Progress will be seen through mentees integration lesson plans and classroom observations.


The technology action plan will be evaluated through a variety of methods.  Teachers will be surveyed to determine whether or not they feel that the professional development training provided is effective and meets their needs.  In order to ensure that teachers have an understanding of DMAC and how to effectively use the information it provides, teachers will be asked to submit a plan of how they will incorporate the data gathered into their instruction.  Teachers will also be asked to submit one online resource every three weeks.  According to Will Richardson, blogs can help educators “”manage” the knowledge that members of the school community create.” (Richardson, 2005)  In addition to submitting information to the resource blog, teachers will be required to post at least one technology enriched project based lesson to their webpage every three weeks.  After observing their peers, teachers will be asked to reflect on what they have seen and post this reflection to the resource blog.  Much of the evaluation can be done through the principal’s classroom observations.  When he conducts his observations, he will be able to determine if the teachers are using the technology that has been provided.

Richardson, W. (2005). Blog revolution: Expanding classroom horizons with web logs.Technology & Learning, 26(3).

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  1. Ashley, I am unable to see your plan. I was struggling with posting a table to my blog. I saved my table as an image but it is still very hard to see. Based on your blog notes, your school has the same needs as my school. I like how you are having teachers post one technology enriched lesson on their webpage and also reflect on it. Reflection always allows us to continue growing as educators.